October 29, 1993

Pattern Refactoring

Here's how my refactoring of the creational
patterns looks:

	Factory (*?)
			Do-It-Yourself (explicit new/constructor call)*
				(might be called "kiretsu")
			Subordinate (Factory Method) delegate to a dept., etc.
			Simple Outside Supplier (the component indirection)*
				Matched Sets (current Abstract Factory)

	Manufacturing Strategies (*?)
		Crafting/Construction (normal new:/construction)*
		Knockoff (clone a Prototype)
			Fully Stocked (comes equipped with hard to *
				recompute information like fonts)
		Inventory (pull one off the shelf)*
		Recycling (reuse a good-as-new one off the shelf)*
			Unbounded (symbols)
			Bounded (page table entries)
			Singeltons (metaclass)

Issues marked with (*) are not adequately addressed in the current
chapter.  More factoring could probably be done, and there
are probably more items one could think off too.

Note that the CREATIONAL PATTERNS address manufacturing/factory concerns.
The AGGREGATION patterns might concern outsourcing services...
Posted by foote at October 29, 1993 05:24 PM