October 12, 1997

Controlling the Emergent Entity

At OOPSLA '97, Gregor Kiczales et al. discussed, among other things, an idea he referred to as Aspect-Oriented Programming, or AOP. They employed a faux conversational format, which at times seemed forced and a little contrived. The work struck me as potentially interesting, but premature. At least the level of fanfare exhibited for something as preliminary as this seemed unwarranted. He spoke of the difficulty of remodularizing to control the emergent entity. This in, turn, prompted the following quip:

If we can't remodularize to control the emergent entity, then what can we do, repolarize the main deflector dish to emit a tachyon pulse?
--Thomas Jay Peckish II

Posted by foote at October 12, 1997 08:35 PM