June 27, 1997

Today's Hygienic Reverie

You can't build a pyramid (as in Giza, Pharaohs, etc.) using a late-bound methodology. You'd get a haphazard heap of rubble. Some tasks require planning. Some tasks are plannable. Which is the superset of the other?

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June 14, 1997

The Big Abacus

How can we worry about changing the world when 70% of us are building the big abacus that the man uses to count his money.
--Thomas Jay Peckish II. observing that business applications constitute most of the software market, and that rising to Christopher Alexander's challenge to change the world is not an easy thing to do...

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June 07, 1997

Talking About What Works

By not talking talking about what works, Computer Scientists have ignored not only a broader audience, but a rich vein of raw material as well.
--BF, after traveling to Dayton for his first patterns course...

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