…what Kent Beck so vividly refers to as a “Code Smell”.

Kent Beck is one of the more remarkable figures the OO community has produced. I met him about twenty years ago when he managed to help get me an under-the-table copy of the Apple Smalltalk interpreter and image for the Apple Lisa. His seminal contributions are too numerous to mention… …but as intellectual paternity goes… …where do we begin?

His brainchildren are numerous: father of the patterns movement, Smalltalk evangelist, with Ward, one of the original pair of pair programmers, the Vince Lombardi of Extreme Programming… However, it is sad that real genius exhibits itself in the gaps, at the borders, between disciplines. It is for this reason that I think that Kent will be best remembered as the Founder of the field of Computational Scatology.

The notion of “code smell” is vivid, compelling, immediate… …ingenious. Beck veritably channels Marcel Proust.

…and, my friends, type cases are redolent of code rot…