I want to tell you one last story about an Irishman, a Scotsman, and an Englishman, (well, Kiwi), who submitted / wrote an ECOOP / multimethod Paper.

We were right up against the page limit with this paper, and hence didnít have any room for acknowledgements, so if youíll indulge more for one more moment, Iíd like to offer some now. (I mean, right up, one more line and weíd have had to shell out a hundred quid from our own pockets to get the last reference in. Iím one of Ö Dave Ungarís biggest fans, but a hundred quid?).

This paper has almost literally been pulled out of the dumpster twice. Ralph and I are grateful to James Noble for climbing aboard and resurrecting this work. We are all grateful to Don Roberts, and, in particular, to John Brant, for providing us with their insidiously / scathingly ingenious Method Wrapper contraption, without which much of the rest of this work would not have been demonstrable.

I gather that the PC pretty much rescued this paper from their own dumpster as well. Despite that, more likely because of that fact, we received the most detailed, most constructive criticism Iíve ever gotten for a conference submission. Andrew Black wrote ten pages alone. Richard Gabriel, Stephan Ducasse, and Christophe Dony, and others who chose to remain anonymous provide a wealth of useful advice.

Weíre grateful as well to the UIUC Software Architecture Group, who devoted a patterns conference-style writerís workshop to this work, and were a font of sagacity as well, as is there custom.

In the event Iím not way over my time slot already, Iíd be delighted to take any questions you might haveÖ