October 28, 2004

A Hail of Bullets

If you needed any additional evidence that Microsoft is taking security more seriously at OOPSLA this year, you need look no further than the two Korean destroyers docked next to the conference center.

Rumor has it that should any of the sizable Microsoft contingent come under hostile fire, these vessels could be used to quicky evacutate said contingent to Seattle.

Powerpoint is one of the most leathal weapons ever devised. You can be cut down in a hail of bullets before you ever know what hit you. Your slides can be siezed, and turned around so as to fire on your own troops.
--Thomas Jay Peckish II

Powerpoint is one of the most effect anti-meme agents in our arsenal.
--Thomas Jay Peckish II

I didn't know Microsoft had a Navy.
--Donald Bradley Roberts

Posted by foote at October 28, 2004 09:43 AM