October 28, 2004

Transparent Aluminum

This year's OOPSLA "Big Event" was held at the Vancouver Aquarium. I was here in 1998, when much of the facility was under renovation. At the reception, I had the opportunity, for the first time to go downstairs and gaze into the Beluga whale tank. These animals are a simple gorgeous sight to behold. I found myself laying on my back and gazing up into the water. I was a ineffably sublime experence.

Still, I found myself, somewhat to my horror, uttering the phrase "Transparent Aluminum", in an oblique reference to a plot element drawn from the fourth Star Trek movie. I'm not sure what was more frightening, that I dredged this up in the first place, or that every single person in the room knew exactly what I was talking about...

Hey, this place has the coolest screen savers I've ever seen.
--Thomas Jay Peckish II, at the Vancouver Aquarium

Photographs (C) 2004 by Munawar Hafiz and Spiros Xanthos

Posted by foote at October 28, 2004 08:50 PM
What's scary is that they've actually developed transparent aluminum: http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/8/8/9 http://www.theharrowgroup.com/articles/20020812/20020812.htm#_Toc16827510 Posted by: Stu Charlton on November 4, 2004 09:12 AM
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